• Engine parts & components

    Rocker arms, cam rollers, pulleys, housings, brackets, supports

  • Cars & Trucks Tensioners

    Tensioners with vibration damper, Oil & bearing & spring tensioners, Rollers, Berarings, Kits

  • HID Xenon lamps

    Xenon light: D1S, D2S, D2R, D3S, D3R, D4S, D4R incl. E8 Homologation

  • Laser welding assembly

    High productivity & repeatable precision

  • Moulds & Dies & Patterns

    Progressive stamping dies, alu cast dies, injection dies, patterns, moulds, toolings

About company

German Motor Parts is European producer of:

  • Design, development and production of engine parts
  • Production of engine components
  • Design, development and production of car & trucks tensioners
  • Production of xenon lamps for automotive industry
  • Laser welding assembly parts
  • Tool (Die) pattern making

All parts & components are incl certification Made in Europe (EUR 1). Production & quality is according to ISO 9001