German Motor Parts (GMP) is significant supplier of engine parts to automotive industry in Europe and America. The company's production program consists particularly of machining components on CNC machines, stamping parts on hydraulic press machines, stamping parts on high productivity progressive stamping machines, production of tooling for press machines and progressive stamping machines, laser welding assembly line on high-technology welding lasers and assembly of single cars and trucks tensioners for After-market.

The GMP company has developed in The Czech Republic in EU the xenon lamps for cars lights. These products are homologized as per norm E/ECE/324, E/ECE/TRANS/505, Regulation 99. The GMP company sells xenon lamps under branch LightGMP or under customers branch.

In company's Europe production-, design-, engineering- and testing- center we can design any tensioner according to your request like as: roller tensioners, spring tensioners, hydraulic tensioners etc. Deliveries and sales are provided from our Germany base.


1990 foundation of Castplex International Industrieberatung by Mr. Lothar Gall
1990 – 2013 business under Castplex International Industrieberatung
2013 Castplex International Industrieberatung and INTER-SAT LTD foundation of GERMAN MOTOR PARTS GmbH, transfer production   and business under GMP
2013 start of laser welding assembly line
2014 development of xenon lamps

Location of Production

The Czech Republic

  • design
  • development
  • quality
  • sales department
  • production – assembly, laser
  • welding, machining
  • main subsuppliers of casting and forging
  • tool/die/pattern making
  • stock and logistic


  • head sales office
  • production of stamping parts
  • production of casting parts


  • aluminium die casting
  • assembly


  • Navistar (USA)
  • Caterpillar (USA)
  • Telamon (USA)
  • Trifa (Germany)
  • Knorr Bremse (Germany)
  • Boge (Germany)
  • Wessel and Muller (Germany)
  • BF – KSPG group (Germany)
  • Elit – Rhiag Group (Czech Republic)
  • Meyle – MG parts (Czech Republic)